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08 July 2021
Service Point Engineer


06 April 2020
AI Fever Screening Systems

Compnet Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solution

31 March 2020
Keep Remote Workers Connected and Secure

Are you safe and secure...

03 March 2020
Compnet Event - Intelligence Security Solution

Zero Trust: The Modern Approach to Cybersecurity

20 February 2020
Launching AI Research Lab PLaiGROUND

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Lab PLaiGROUND

12 December 2019
Driving Efficiency and Productivity with Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Network security professionals today clearly understand that there is no longer just one perimeter s

09 July 2019
Big Data Meets AI

Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data and Analytics

28 June 2019
Cisco Kinetic Unlocks the Power of Your IoT Data

Connection Management, Fog Computing, and Data Delivery within a single platform

26 June 2019
A Smarter Way to Connect Communities and Roadways

Solutions for Smart Cities, Communities and Roadways

22 April 2019
Is Your IT Team Innovating?

Company’s IT team needs to become a major contributor to your success in this age of digital t

27 March 2019
What does 5G look like for Industrial IoT?

What is 5G?

20 March 2019
Cognitive Collaboration: The X-factor for Cisco partners

Cisco announced today how Artificial Intelligence is being integrated across the portfolio. It will

18 March 2019
Overcoming Unpredictable AI Data Pipelines

Unified, Scalable Architecture Enables Scaling at Your Own Pace

09 January 2019
Moving Towards The Zero Trust Cybersecurity Framework A Practical Approach

Zero Trust is a New Way to Look at Security

31 December 2018
Cisco ISE Playing Nice in the Security Ecosystem

Security Intelegent Solution

27 December 2018
Three ways to detect cryptomining activities using network security analytics

Looking back at 2018, malicious cryptomining emerged as one of the most prominent threats.

10 December 2018
Thinking Global and Acting Local to Close the Skills Gap

Cybersecurity empowers organizations to enable trust, move faster, add value and grow.

07 December 2018
Compromise Assessment vs Threat Hunting

What is the difference between a compromise assessment and a threat hunt?

05 December 2018
Improve network and security operations with Firepower multi-instance and Cisco Threat Response

Multi-instance: Multi-tenancy and segmentation

03 December 2018
Securing Access to Our Nations Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month

05 November 2018
The Role of a Coach

Business Critical Services begins by working with you to ensure all the basics are secure.

01 November 2018
Secure Access to Any Application With Duo Security

Start securing your applications

29 October 2018
Layers of Security

Do you remember the movie “Die Hard”? 

26 October 2018
Tackling the Growing Threat Landscape of ICS and the IIoT

Connected devices and sensors has introduced new and growing security challenges across every indust

25 October 2018
Using Threat Intelligence Effectively in Security Automation and Orchestration with DFLabs and Cisco Security

Organizations can respond to potential security incidents

22 October 2018
Securing Solutions in the Race to Digital Transformation

The Impact of Digital Transformation

19 October 2018
Disruption on High: Managing Cyber Risk in a Multicloud World

You Can’t Protect What You Can’t See

15 October 2018
Five Network Security Horror Stories

Hear more spooky network security stories

12 October 2018
Securing Critical Infrastructure in the Digital Age

Integrate Security throughout Your Operations

14 August 2018
Promote Cloud Adoption in Education without Exposing Students to Risk

School administrators need visibility to prevent the loss of sensitive data and to ensure that stude

13 August 2018
Black Hat USA 2018: ATT&CK in the NOC


09 August 2018
Is Your Organization Ready for Digital Transformation?

Improving existing ways of operating.

06 August 2018
Evaluating Endpoint Security Platforms? Start Here.

Next generation endpoint security

03 August 2018
Why download the exploit, when you can carry it with you?


02 August 2018
Shining a Light on Shadow IT

Enterprise Networks

01 August 2018
A Case for the Liberal Arts in Cybersecurity

Non-technical jobs that touch cybersecurity - jobs like threat analysis, government affairs, insider

31 July 2018
The Ransomware Evolution: What is Happening in Europe?

Many legitimate alerts are unremediated

24 July 2018
How to Evolve your Manufacturing Environment to an Ultimate State

Manufacturing’s goal is always to continuously approve with an aim towards reaching an “

23 July 2018
Intent-based security in manufacturing

Manufacturers are a prime target for malicious cyber attack with 31% of security professionals sayin

20 July 2018
Innovating Business Sustainability

We’re extending product lifecycles and driving toward 100 percent end-of-life product returns.

18 July 2018
Security Multi-Tenancy Part 1: Defining the Problem

Pre-Virtual Virtual Firewalls  

16 July 2018
The Factory: A Living Organism for Wireless and Mobility

We live in a wireless world. We almost never plug our computers into a network.

12 July 2018
Manufacturing In the Middle: Growth, Opportunity and New Challenges

Manufacturers are making investments in some key areas.

11 July 2018
Transparency and the CLOUD Act: The Importance of Evolving Transparency Reports

As organizations navigate the rapid and constant change of digital transformation, they look for ven

10 July 2018
Putting the Active Back in Proactive Security: Tabletop Exercises

As security practitioners, we have the seemingly impossible task of defending an ever-changing envir

06 July 2018
Service Provider Digital Transformation and Security

For many service providers, the digital transformation journey may not be the smoothest.

05 July 2018
Scaling Visibility and Security within the Operational Technology (OT) Environment

Maximizing existing investments in your network infrastructure

05 July 2018
Secure Your Mobile Connections with New IP Blocking Feature

Unfortunately, we can’t control our employee’s actions on our network, but what we can c

26 June 2018
Ready for takeoff into the era of direct internet access?

Improves business continuity

25 June 2018
Thinking About a Cyber Career? Just Jump In

Cyber career

22 June 2018
Secure your Endpoints Against Ransomware: Introducing Malicious Activity Protection

How ransomware behaves, why don’t we just block these processes when we start to see them?

30 May 2018
Data-Driven Hacks Part 3: How Can You Access Talent to Dig into Data?

Accessing Talent to Dig into Data

30 May 2018
Data-Driven Hacks Part 2: How Can You Master the Past to Own the Future?

Mastering the Past to Own the Future  

25 May 2018
Security Starts from the Code

Automation is key to identify in an easy way

24 May 2018
Increasing Bandwidth Demand and Hybrid Fiber-Coax Networks

Need for bandwidth is already growing beyond current capabilities.

24 May 2018
Four Ways to Simplify Security

24 May 2018
Delivering IoT with Best-in-Class Wi-Fi through the Aironet Developer Platform

Simplifying IoT Development and Deployment

21 May 2018
Game Time Decision. Security or Innovation?

What if I told you that you don’t have to choose?

21 May 2018
Whats Wrong with Enterprise Agreements?

Enterprise Agreement Issues

21 May 2018
Taking a Learning Journey to Innovation

We see the industry accelerating at the speed of startup - and that’s what we love to see.

16 May 2018
A New Type of WAN that Grows with Your Business

Wide Area Networking has seen disruption like never before in the past 5 years

15 May 2018
Calling All Data Nerds: Celebrate the 20th Episode of Privacy Sigma Riders with Us

Have you ever thought about how human bias and expectations can affect the results of your analysis?

11 May 2018
Services are evolving. How about your expectations?

As an IT leader, you’re in an interesting position. If you’re an optimist, you might say

09 May 2018
See and respond in time to those pesky threats that cross the perimeter

Global Threat Intelligence

08 May 2018
DevSecOps: Lessons Learned

DevSecOps: Automation for Assurance

04 May 2018
Incident Response and General Data Protection Regulation

Incident Response and General Data Protection Regulation

18 April 2018
Improving the Mobile Meeting Experience

“on-the-go” meeting experience

17 April 2018
Introducing the Industrys Next Video Codec: AV1

Alliance for Open Media

16 April 2018
Using Collaboration Technology to Improve Hiring

We don’t have the budget to bring the candidate in for that interview

27 March 2018
The Fast Pace of Change

Rethinking Secure Technical Innovation to Enable Successful Business Outcomes

26 March 2018
Black Hat Asia 2018: Cryptomining on the Rise

effectively utilize broader Cisco  

22 March 2018
Messaging Helps Informal Customer Care Teams Win

Care Assistant steps up service

21 March 2018
Cisco Collaborates on Phones with American Council of the Blind

It’s amazing to see so much technology innovation happening    

20 March 2018
Securing our Future Together

We simply cannot seize the full promise of technology if we don’t leverage half of the IT user

19 March 2018
Attackers turn to IoT and ICS to find gaps in security

“Leak paths” create opportunities for attackers

16 March 2018
Cisco Firepower + IBM QRadar: Integration for Enhanced Security Protection

Cybercriminals are more creative, more relentless, and more strategic than ever, working feverishly

14 March 2018
Why Customer Success Practices Fail. And 5 Things You Can Do About It.

Setting up a Customer Success practice

13 March 2018
Cloud: The Truth is Out There

What does “moving to the cloud mean?”

12 March 2018
Using machine learning to detect possible insider threats

Stop it before the damage is done.

09 March 2018
Balancing Cybersecurity Program Priorities: Its Time to Get Help

Fast, good, and cheap. Or: Time, resources and budget.

07 March 2018
The Power of Logging in Incident Response

A deep dive for incident detection and response

06 March 2018
Dont Let Malware Slip Through Your Fingers

Detecting User Interaction Evasion Techniques

05 March 2018
Debunking the myths of DNS security

If you’re considering using DNS for security, it’s important to understand the facts so

01 March 2018
Consumption Models Helping to Enable Business Transformation

Digital transformation is really about business transformation and is driving the need for new consu

28 February 2018
Disruption in Insurance

Disruptive force of the Insurance industries

26 February 2018
How to Choose a Next-Generation Endpoint Security Solution

Can it prevent attacks? What kind of malware can it protect against? What if malware gets in, can it

23 February 2018
Cybersecurity: Where are the Biggest Threats?

Identifying Threats, Both Internal and External?

21 February 2018
Turn the Lights On in the Data Center

It’s the application that makes infrastructure and user data relevant to the business. It&rsqu

20 February 2018
Top 10 Smart City Trends for 2018

Every day, Smart City technologies are enabling a better quality of life for people around the world

19 February 2018
DevSecOps: Security at the Speed of Business

Defining Security Guardrails

14 February 2018
Why Invest in Data Privacy?

privacy maturity translated to significantly lower costs from data breaches.

12 February 2018
Protecting your Public Cloud after Meltdown and Spectre

Dubbed Meltdown and Spectre, these two vulnerabilities pertained to a hardware flaw in CPUs, includi

09 February 2018
7 Things to Know About AI and Customer Care

Using AI to improve customer care.

08 February 2018
Six Contact Center Predictions for 2018

Six things we foresee for the customer care industry in 2018

07 February 2018
The Role of Transparency in our Digital Economy

We are all facing a collective challenge when it comes to cybersecurity

05 February 2018
A Necessary Paradox: Trust and Value for Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT Security Journey

01 February 2018
LESS IS MORE Fewer Cybersecurity Vendors Yield More Effective Security

When we say diversity of data sources – we see a ton: threats and malware, web traffic, email,

31 January 2018
The Internet of Things: 5 Predictions for 2018

The Internet of Things (IoT) has started to move to the mainstream in enterprises across all industr

30 January 2018
Your Opportunity to be a Cyber Hero

why organizations need cyber heroes to secure the industrial production environment and how IT and O

29 January 2018
Securing Encrypted Traffic on a Global Scale

How many engineers does it take to find malware in encrypted traffic?

26 January 2018
Three Things Businesses Can Do to Protect Data Privacy

In today’s global digital economy, protecting data privacy is a must. With customers all over

19 January 2018
Who Is Managing Our Data Assets?

who is managing it and optimizing its value?

17 January 2018
Security or Innovation?

Cyber risk is one of the top ten global business risks

15 January 2018
Incident Response: Are you ready?

Todays attackers are relentless

08 January 2018
Five Things You Can Do to Manage Your Privacy Now

It’s a great time to reflect and act on privacy strategy in all aspects of our lives, both pro

05 January 2018
Industry Verticals READY for Artificial Intelligence in 2018

AI is complex, but we’re focused on simplifying and accelerating the journey for customers

04 January 2018
Hackers are using encryption to bypass your security controls

Hackers are using encryption to bypass your security controls

03 January 2018
Shaping a Diverse and Stronger Cybersecurity Industry

Diversity in the cyber profession.

02 January 2018
Cryptojacking: Hijacking your computer resources

Your internet connection is slower than usual, your PC is also very slow, and you notice that your C

29 December 2017
How Digital Giving Is Improving Peoples Lives

A Culture of Giving

28 December 2017
Smart Manufacturing Rises from the Ashes

A new standard for food manufacturing

27 December 2017
Accelerating Into AI with Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Together we advance technology to drive human progress.

22 December 2017
4 Ways Collaborative Technology Can Lead to Happier Bank Employees

Discover new collaboration technologies that can increase productivity, efficiency, and retention by

21 December 2017
Upgrading On-Premises Video Conferencing: Cisco Meeting Server 2.3

We offer ways to have meaningful, face-to-face interactions with everyone you work with, no matter t

20 December 2017
Know the Whys of Industrial Wireless

The challenges of wireless in a factory setting

18 December 2017
Your Digital Treasure Map

A Roadmap to Digital Value in the Retail Banking Industry

08 December 2017
Why Do Factories Need a Digital Ready Infrastructure?

Manufacturers who establish a digital-ready infrastructure can sharpen and accelerate their digital

06 December 2017
Navigating the Aging Workforce Tidal Wave

You know it’s funny that we talk a lot about “IOT” and “Digitizati

05 December 2017
Encrypted Traffic Analytics Why Should You Care?

Why should you care if you don’t work in IT?

30 November 2017
The Next Wave of Financial Services

Chatbots are one of the newest ways that businesses are harnessing these technologies to lower costs

29 November 2017
FinTech & The Digital Eco-System

What is different about FinTech startups vs. retail banks?

28 November 2017
Where Digital and People Meet, a Sweet Spot for Banks

In a world of roboadvisors, mobile payment apps, and automated processes, do people still matter in

27 November 2017
Go Digital Securely and Fast

Would you trust your money to a bank if it had no vaults and no guards? Of course you do.

20 November 2017
Cyberattacks on small businesses continue to rise: Are you protected?

Startups and small businesses of all stripes are getting hammered by cybercriminals.

17 November 2017
Jumpstart your Digital Transformation with Industrie 4.0

This is the time of the creative minds who can re-imagine manufacturing to take advantage of the new

16 November 2017
As Manufacturers Go Digital, Customer Value Expands

Organization that is digitized can break through barriers and drive fast action and response.

15 November 2017
Look beyond your factory walls

Companies that become more digitally capable are more efficient at revenue generation and profitabil

14 November 2017
Get Insights on Digitizing Manufacturing

Manufacturers are gaining the greatest value from Industry 4.0 by creating pilot projects that creat

13 November 2017
Trick-Or-Treat? As Cybersecurity Month winds down, which will your agency pick?

Automation via advanced security tools and outsourced services is key.

10 November 2017
Network Automation Now!

You have what you need to be the network admin of the future.  

09 November 2017
Back to School 2017 Takeaways on the Customer Experience

Back to school (BTS) 2017 is officially in the books, and retailers are getting ready for the upcomi

08 November 2017
Industrial security: Master your fear of the unknown

Don’t let fear of the unknown overtake your organization. The right security strategy is key t

06 November 2017
Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Threats

The perfect balance between productivity and security

03 November 2017
What Do Telecom Network Builders Need From Future OEM Solutions Providers?

Today might be the slowest day ever.  Tomorrow’s pace is going to be so much faster. 

02 November 2017
Every Smart City Starts with ITs Network

Digital infrastructure is becoming any city’s most powerful tool in creating a place people wa

01 November 2017
Cybersecurity Needs All Software Developers

Knowing how to avoid common coding mistakes

30 October 2017
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Transform your Business

27 October 2017
Augmented Reality: A New Reality for Utilities

This is where IoT crosses the chasm between analytics and proactive interaction. It’s the new

25 October 2017
Why Informed Decisions with Analytics are Key to Sporting and Business Success

Digital Transformation

23 October 2017
Getting Smart on the Future of Cities

The future of : Smart Cities

20 October 2017
Top 3 Future Cyber Threats For State and Local Governments

Three major players on the horizon that State and Local Governments should prepare for before it&rsq

19 October 2017
The Digitally Connected Campus

Let’s talk about a campus of the future. Imagine a digitally connected campus where students c

18 October 2017
Three Ways in which Stealthwatch Helps You Get More from Your Network Data

Do you know what the greatest Olympian of all time and Stealthwatch have in common? Both work harder

17 October 2017
Security + Performance = Key Trends at Automation

Security + Performance = Key Trends at Automation

16 October 2017
Money2020-3 ways retail banks can secure their digital future

Learn more about the future of banking technology

13 October 2017
IoT Strategy, Division, & Solutions

Part of this strategy and vision includes a new “Distributed Core” computing model as we

11 October 2017
4 Reasons Were Optimistic About the Future of Manufacturing

Manufacturing Day (October 6) recognizes the critical role the industry plays in the county’s

09 October 2017
The Pace of Change

We’re experiencing a shift in the way we work and study. We are going through a digital revolu

05 October 2017
Think Fast: The Impact of Automation in Todays Hybrid World

Customers want it fast. They don’t want to wait for human intervention to get what they want,

04 October 2017
IT Services Can Ensure Your Investment Isnt Wasted

As technology becomes more sophisticated, IT becomes increasingly easy to overlook the full range of

03 October 2017
Preparing Today for Tomorrows Threats

For the European Union, the U.S., and many countries around the world, October is Cyber Security Awa

29 September 2017
Its Time to Rethink the Value of Support

Digital Transformation

28 September 2017
From motorcycles to manufacturing: Using data as your competitive advantage

A handbook for driving data in manufacturing

28 September 2017
CyberPatriot Prepares Students to Protect the Digitized World

National Youth Cyber Defense Competition

26 September 2017
Transforming the Mining Industry

Global mining leader Barrick Gold is at the forefront of digital transformation. The organization, h

25 September 2017
Digital Transformation The Power of Data

Think transformation. Think about how connecting theory to actual data can enable better business de

22 September 2017
Nyetya vs WannaCry Whats the difference

What the Nyetya Ransomware Attack Means for Banks

20 September 2017
Built for iOS 11: Cisco Security Connector

Apple and Cisco have partnered to help businesses in every industry accelerate their mobile transfor

18 September 2017
Virtual Reality in the Workplace

Are you ready to take your company into VR?

15 September 2017
How to Prevent the Bank Robbery No One Can See

Just like bank robbers in the Old West, today’s cyber criminals are ruthless. Threats and tech

15 September 2017
Digital Transformation: Analysing Analytics

Most of the time in financial services, analytics means customer analytics – how we can combin

14 September 2017
Working Together to Protect IoT Devices

When Walls Come Down: Working Together to Protect IoT Devices

13 September 2017
Orchestrating Smart City Ecosystems

Orchestrating the smart city ecosystem is a combination of art and science that blends company cultu

11 September 2017
Transforming to 5G Services

Imagine the future – a scalable, composable and automated network infrastructure that meets th

08 September 2017
Listen Up: More Advanced Networks Contribute to Business Success

Digital Transformation: From speaking with hundreds of organizations each year, IDC knows that organ

07 September 2017
Education and Digitization: Activate your Teaching Super Powers

Ironically, the world is hooked on the stories behind superheroes, not just because they twist and t

06 September 2017
Digitization Changes How We Work and Collaborate

Collaboration: Digitization Changes How We Work and Collaborate  

05 September 2017
Consumer 2020: New Generation of Retail and Experience Strategies

Leading into 2020, picture a world where Millennials are the shoppers in store with THEIR kids, and

04 September 2017
Enabling Precision Medicine in the Era of the Genome

As a key enabler for precision medicine, genomic sequencing will soon be pervasive in many areas of

31 August 2017
Hackers Are Stress-Testing Critical Infrastructure Security with Phishing Attacks

Hackers Are Stress-Testing Critical Infrastructure Security with Phishing Attacks

31 August 2017
Making Cybersecurity a Part of the Smart City Process

Cybersecurity must be an integral part of the smart city process

31 August 2017
6 Drivers for Digital Transformation

For IT managers struggling to keep pace with changing technologies and strategies, these six drivers

31 August 2017
A Hosted Cloud Solution Tailored for Government

It enables the government to protect and serve the nation

30 August 2017
Hemat biaya 47%, dengan Hyper-converged

Solusi Data Center: Hyper-converged

25 August 2017
Mengenal Micro-Segmentation

Solusi Security: Mengenal Micro-Segmentation

24 August 2017
TAHUKAH ANDA, 3 Milyar Pengguna Internet Hanya di Media Sosial Saja

Meledaknya Jumlah Pengguna Internet – 3 Milyar Pengguna Hanya di Media Sosial Saja

22 August 2017
Meeting menjadi lebih menyenangkan

Making Every Meeting Room Smarter

21 August 2017
IT Keys to Digital Business Value

Digital Transformation: Five Things Learned: IT Keys to Digital Business Value

21 August 2017
Turning Retailers into Superheroes

Retail and Hospitality: Turning Retailers into Superheroes: Join Us at Cisco Live

21 August 2017
Empowering Education

Education: Empowering Education

21 August 2017
Is Online Banking Getting Old?

Financial Services: Is Online Banking Getting Old?

17 August 2017
Manufacturers, you need to know

Security Solution: Manufacturers, here’s what you need to know from the 2017 Midyear Cybersecu

17 August 2017
Top 5 Smart City Predictions

IoT: Top 5 Smart City Predictions: AI and the Birth of Self-Aware Cities

17 August 2017
What banking (and life) could look like in 2021

IoT: What banking (and life) could look like in 2021

17 August 2017
Navigating the New Digital Oilfield

IoT: Navigating the New Digital Oilfield

15 August 2017
Dell EMC Named a Leader in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions

Data Backup & Recovery: Dell EMC Named a Leader in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Cent

15 August 2017
Why a Modern Data Center is Essential for the Digital Economy

Data Center Solution: Why a Modern Data Center is Essential for the Digital Economy

15 August 2017
Accelerating Retail Growth with a New, Flexible Style of IT

Data Center Solution: Accelerating Retail Growth with a New, Flexible Style of IT

15 August 2017
self - driving car Otomation

IoT and Big Data Solution: Addressing Multi-Petabyte Growth in ADAS Development and Simulation

14 August 2017
What is the Industrial Internet of Things?

IoT: What is the Industrial Internet of Things?

14 August 2017
Transform Security

Security Solution: Transform Security

10 August 2017
6 reasons to choose the Dell EMC Protection Suite Family

Security Solution: 6 reasons to choose the Dell EMC Protection Suite Family

10 August 2017
Stop managing devices

Virtualization Solution: Stop managing devices

10 August 2017
Why the Software-Defined approach to security is critical for modern businesses

Security Solution: Coping with Change: Why the Software-Defined approach to security is critical for

10 August 2017
Autonomous to Smart: Importance of Artificial Intelligence

Big Data: Autonomous to Smart: Importance of Artificial Intelligence

10 August 2017
What Hackers Think of Your Cybersecurity Efforts

Security Solution: Survey of Black Hat 2017 attendees reveals what hackers consider toughest tech to

09 August 2017
To be Effective, Security Needs to Be a Force Multiplier

Security Solution: Effective security is simple, open, and automated

09 August 2017
Interconnecting Complex Enterprise Networks Solution

Network Solution: Interconnecting Complex Enterprise Networks Solution

09 August 2017
Internet User Growth is Booming

Collaboration Solution: Internet user growth is booming - 3 billion people on social media alone

09 August 2017
Collaborating in New Ways: People Can Work Anywhere, on Any Device at Any Time

Collaboration Solution: Cisco's futuristic makeover gets employees collaborating in new ways

09 August 2017
Next-Gen Meeting Experiences

Collaboration Solution: Making Every Meeting Room Smarter

09 August 2017
Architecture and Services Solution to Secure IoT Devices

Architecture and Services Solution: Cisco IoT Threat Defense: Realizing the Promise of IoT with an A

09 August 2017
New Internet Trends

Collaboration Solution: New Internet trends reveal the next phase of digital transformation

08 August 2017
When it comes to ransomware, the best offense is a good defense

Security Solution: When it comes to ransomware, the best offense is a good defense

08 August 2017
A new Cloud option : Industry Cloud

Cloud Solution: Grassroots in the Enterprise - Industry Clouds Forming

08 August 2017
5 Guidelines for the Enterprise Cloud Revolution

Cloud Solution: 5 Guidelines for the Enterprise Cloud Revolution

08 August 2017
Best Use of Virtualization Tech in Telco

Virtualization Solution: VMware Wins Best Use of Virtualization Tech in Telco

08 August 2017
The Future of Mobile Apps and the Overall Apps Economy

IoT: How huge app economy valued in the future, and be part of the app economy

07 August 2017
Enhanced Content Security Options and New Customer Care Capabilities

Colaboration Solution: Cisco Introduces New Cisco Spark Devices, Enhanced Content Security Options a

07 August 2017
Type of disaster Internet of Things can prevent

IOT: Can the Internet of Things help prevent disastrous accidents? Experts say yes. IoT is already c

07 August 2017
What Happens in an Internet Minute in 2017?

IoT: Internet in 1 minute

07 August 2017
Dell EMC VMAX 950F: Raises Bar for High-End All Flash Storage

Data Center Solution: Dell EMC VMAX 950F: Raises Bar for High-End All Flash Storage

07 August 2017
Faster, more efficient data protection

Data Center Solution: Dell EMC Gives you Faster, More Efficient Data Protection

06 August 2017
Adapting IT Security to a Digital World

Security Solution: Adapting IT Security to a Digital World: Going from Gatekeeper to Collaborator

06 August 2017
Learn how alfamart can improve their customer satisfaction, save time and cost up to 20%


03 August 2017
How to make a hybrid IT infrastructure more cost effective and agile

Cloud Solution: With the help of virtualized cloud, your hybrid IT infrastructure will be more cost

03 August 2017
TAKE CONTROL of the data growth explosion

Data Center Solution: Take control of the data growth explosion

02 August 2017
Automate 85% of your application deployment

Data Center Solution: Modern CIO challenges demand the latest PowerEdge servers

02 August 2017
Shaping the digital workspace

Virtualization Solution: Millennials and Generation Z: Shaping the Digital Workspace

02 August 2017
Making the transition to hybrid IT can be tough. Here's advice from experts on how best to do it.

Cloud Solution: Driving central IT to the hybrid IT model

02 August 2017
The machines are coming. How will they affect your organization and what should you do about it?

Network & Security Solution: Does your organization need a Chief Robotics Officer?

04 June 2015
Opening Ceremony of Compnet New Office in Wisma Slipi Building, Jakarta

Opening Ceremony of Compnet New Office in Wisma Slipi Building, Jakarta

04 June 2015
Compnet Emergency Respond Drill

Compnet Emergency Respond Drill

03 June 2015
Compnet and Cisco Collaborated to Train IT Knowledge for New Employees of Bussan Auto Finance

Compnet and Cisco Collaborated to Train IT Knowledge for New Employees of Bussan Auto Finance

20 May 2014
Compnet Attended Trend Micro South East Asia and India Partner Summit 2014 in Taipei

Compnet Attended Trend Micro South East Asia and India Partner Summit 2014 in Taipei

25 March 2014
Simplify Your IT Infrastructure with Proven Virtualization and How Security Empower Business

PT Nusantara Compnet Integrator in collaboration with VMWare and the Blue Coat held a talk show &quo

19 February 2014
Cisco Collaboration Voice, Video & Mobility Solutions That Grow With Your Business

Compnet hold events with Cisco Collaboration Cisco Connect Go on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at the

12 February 2014
Compnet Won Award in Kickoff Event 2014 of EMC Partnership

Compnet hold events with Cisco Collaboration Cisco Connect Go on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at the

06 February 2014
Compnet Achieved "Account Manager of the Year" from Cisco Indonesia

Cisco Indonesia held "Cisco FY13 Partner Appreciation Night" on February 6, 2014, at Empir

03 December 2013
A success of the WTO to 9, Compnet Finished World Class ICT Infrastructure

As a company which engaged in field of integration system, PT Nusantara Compnet Integrator (Compnet)

Latest Work

A success of the WTO to 9, Compnet Finished World Class ICT Infrastructure

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