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Simplify Your IT Infrastructure with Proven Virtualization and How Security Empower Business

PT Nusantara Compnet Integrator in collaboration with VMWare and the Blue Coat held a talk show "Compnet Biz Talk". The event, titled "Simplify Your IT Infrastructure with Proven Virtualization and How Empower Business Security" held in The Cone Indonesia, FX Mall, Senayan, on Tuesday, March 25, 2014. The event was divided into three sessions. There were product presentation by VMWare and Blue Coat, product display and demonstration, and last session continued with talk show.

The event was opened by Technocom Director. Next activity then followed by VM ware presentation, themed on Simplify Your IT Infrastructure with Proven Virtualization Solutions. It was delivered by Iip Palah, Technical Engineer - Avnet. In this presentation, he talked about the effectiveness use of data center virtualization. "Virtualization is data center consolidation and reduction of the number of servers in aphysical form. You do this by creating a virtual machine, and placed in large quantities in several physical hosts, using shared storage and networking, "he explained.

The next presentation was Empower Business Security, presented by Adji Adidwiwidjana, Country Sales Manager - PT. Blue Coat Systems Indonesia. According to him, the Blue Coat software provides a series of intelligent applications which combined with a software application. It was able to work more effectively in controlling security systems Information Technology (IT) companies. Moreover, Blue Coat was also able to monitor the work performance of each application that was used by the user.

The event continued with the Demo Session. All participants were invited to visit VMware and the Blue Coat booths, to see more details about the features technology possessed. They were so much enthusiastic in listening seriously to Compnet team explanation. Product demonstration and display session were supported by a Pre Sales Engineer team of PT. Nusantara Compnet Integrator.

In Compnet Biz Talk session, it presented Avnet representing VMWare and the Blue Coat. It moderated by Marketing Communications Manager of PT. Nusantara Compnet Integrator. The session was attended four speakers, i.e. Iip Palah (Technical Engineer Avnet); Adji Adidwiwidjana (Country Sales Manager PT. Blue Coat Systems Indonesia); Engineer PT. Nusantara Compnet Integrator and Pre Sales Engineer PT. Nusantara Compnet Integrator). The participants were actively involved in the talk show session. Most of the participants submitted some smart questions, both technical and general.

The last session, Product Specialist Compnet was closed with some door prizes for lucky participants. "Thank you to everyone, we were very proud of this event, and in the future, we could be successfully implemented. We hoped all of these activities could be beneficial to our shared business processes," said him when closing ceremony. [Marcom-Technocom]